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EU-LAC Health - Defining a Roadmap for Cooperative Health Re-search between the EU and Latin America-Caribbean Countries: a Policy Oriented Reserarch

The EU-LAC Health project is very glad to announce the publication of the 4th number of EU-LAC Health electronic newsletter. It features a quick project overview, outcomes and related events of the EU-LAC Health project.

EU-LAC Health is a five-years coordination action co-financed by the European Commission through the 7th Framework Program (Health Theme).

It proposes to define a detailed plan to guide policy makers and other stakeholders on future actions to support cooperative health research between Latin America and Caribbean countries (LAC) and EU Member States. This consensus Roadmap will be developed using a policy oriented approach and taking into account the new political framework for EU-LAC collaboration in S&T. The Roadmap will provide policy-makers and R&D funding bodies with new insights on how to best coordinate and fund cooperative health research between the two regions.

You can download the Newsletter here: Media:EULAC4.pdf

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