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The INCO-Wiki is an Online Encyclopaedia on International Cooperation compiling all relevant information on International Cooperation activities in Horizon 2020.

Objective: Collect relevant information on INCO in Horizon 2020

Main target group: Experts/National Contact Points in EU-Member States, Associated States and in third country.

Principles of the INCO-Wiki:

- Open philosophy (easy access, free information)

- Allow interaction and exchange of experience

- Content is elaborated collaboratively

- Unlimited space and possibilities to add information

- Generally, there is no review before modifications are accepted

INCO-Wiki is a user community for NCPs

- Provides a knowledge management system for internal documentation and communication

- Provides the information a NCP needs for the daily work

INCO-Wiki does not offer:

- A carefully crafted site for casual visitors

- Information provided by one person / one organisation

- Source of valid information

- Accurate reference

- Absolutely trustworthyness

INCO-Wiki is a

... a social and intellectual experience. It seeks to involve the visitor in an ongoing process of creation and collaboration that constantly changes the Web site landscape.

... just like any info source — a good place to start, but not good if it’s the only thing you use.

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