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Researchers, businesses and innovators from Ukraine will now be able to fully participate in Horizon 2020, the European Union's research and innovation funding programme, on equal terms with EU Member States and other associated countries. The agreement will need to be ratified by the Ukrainian Parliament to enter into force, but Ukrainian legal entities can already participate in all Horizon 2020 actions funded under the 2015 budget (calls for proposals, calls for tenders, contests, JRC activities etc.) , as this association covers the years 2015-2020. With the status of an associated country, Ukraine will now be able to host European Research Council (ERC) grants, apply for financial support to innovative SMEs, benefit from support for scientific excellence and other research policies and participate in the governance structures of the programme.

The Agreement for the Association of Ukraine to Horizon 2020 was signed in Kyiv by Carlos Moedas, European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, and Serhiy Kvit, Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine. Horizon 2020 is the first EU programme in which Ukraine has chosen to participate following the beginning of provisional application of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement. This association to Horizon 2020 highlights that both the EU and Ukraine consider research and innovation crucial for economic growth and the creation of jobs.

Association is a specific mechanism allowing for stronger cooperation with the non- EU countries under the EU’s Framework Research Programmes. Horizon 2020, the EU’s Framework R&D Programme is in principle open for the participation of organisations from other, non-EU countries. Beyond this basic provision, organisations from associated countries can enjoy the status of full participants equal to that of the organisations from the EU member states.

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