B.BICE+ launches two calls for travel grants

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B.BICE+ project will finance different modalities of working visits and exchanges between Europe and Brazil for research and innovation actors. Deadline for application is 6th April 2015.

B.BICE+ is an International Cooperation (INCO) project funded by the European Commission whose aim is to enhance bilateral cooperation and to support political dialogue in Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) among Europe and Brazil.

A core objective of B.BICE+ is to promote enduring partnerships between EU and Brazilian actors in the whole research-to-innovation chain. In this framework, B.BICE+ is launching two calls, targeting researchers and innovation actors for European-Brazilian working travels and exchange visits.

First call: travel grants for research actors

B.BICE+ will finance EU-Brazil travels to participate in international scientific events (with the aim to promote the results of EU-Brazil collaborative projects), or working visits (to build or reinforce a long term partnership or prepare future EU-Brazil collaborative research projects) for research actors working for institutions based in Brazil or Europe (European Union Member States and Associated Countries). Travel grants will be financed by B.BICE+ up to 3000€.

Second call: exchange visits for innovation actors

Through this call, B.BICE+ will finance travel of one representative of a Brazilian or European institution willing to organize a visit exchange to a partner institution. Target are especially representatives of innovation organizations (such as Technology Transfer Offices / Gestores de inovação), laboratories or research institutions and innovation agencies and networks (clusters / arranjos produtivos locais, Science and Technology Parks, business incubators, etc.).

Exchanges will be financed by B.BICE+ up to 3000

More information on http://www.b-bice-plus.eu/b-bice-launches-two-calls-for-travel-grants-press-release/

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