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Day 1: Wednesday 9/6/2010, INCO NCPs Day

09.30-13.00 Session 1: INCO NCP Meeting


- The International Dimension of the European Research Framework Program, Mr. Robert Burmanjer, Head of Unit D3, DG Research

- The Strategic Framework for International Cooperation: New initiatives to develop the partnership between the EU Member States and the Commission in the area of International Cooperation on S&T, Mr. Heiko Prange-Gstoehl, Unit D2, DG Research

- The International Cooperation Activities of the Capacities Programme: state of play and future perspectives in the Work Programme 2011, Mr. Philippe Froissard, Deputy Head of Unit D3, DG Research

- Financial Reporting: rules and regulations, Mr. Alexis Loncke, Head of Unit D4, DG Research

- Scientific Reporting: electronic submission of reports and deliverables, Ms Anne Mandenoff, Unit A1, DG Research

-INCONTACT Update and Planning, Mr. Epaminondas Christofilopoulos, PRAXI/HELP-FORWARD Network

14.30-18.15 Session 2: INCO NCP Advanced Training

Welcome and introduction to the training session

- How to communicate / disseminate research ,Mrs Rhonda Smith, MINERVA PRC

- NCP office management, monitoring and assessment tools, Prof. Nikos Melanitis, PRAXI/HELP-FORWARD Network

- Open discussion (Q/A)

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