Destination Europe, Chicago, 16 October 2015

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What is Destination Europe? •a forum for leading European research organisations and funders to present the opportunities they offer to researchers and innovators from anywhere in the world •a show¬case for Europe's vibrant and exciting research and innovation culture •an occasion to learn about research opportunities, ask questions, network and discuss with people who have chosen to work in Europe •a joint initiative of the European Union and its Member States.

Why Europe?

Excellence: Europe has world-class research institutions, innovation clusters and unique infrastructures.

Funding opportunities: Europe offers excellent career and funding opportunities. It funds frontier research generously, allowing researchers to establish themselves independently.

Innovation and business opportunities: Europe supports innovation and translational research. It offers measures such as tax credits, support for early start-up companies and risk sharing facilities.

Culture: Europe offers rich and diverse experience outside the laboratory with its varied culture, food, landscape and lifestyle.

Working life: Europe offers multi-cultural working environments, with English a commonly used language among scientists. Workers in Europe enjoy high standards of social security and social benefits like maternity/paternity leave, pensions, health care etc.

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