EURAXESS Science Slam, Tokyo, 23 October 2015

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Science Communication Contest for students and researchers of all diciplines and nationalities Organised by: EURAXESS Links Japan

This event is a science communication contest for researchers: all profiles (graduate students to senior professor), all disciplines (including humanities), and all nationalities are welcome.The winner of the contest obtains a trip to Europe to meet with a laboratory within EU-28, in order to start a collaborative study or to search for a position.

We are now accepting applications to this event through submission of short videos explaining one's research project. For more information about the contest and application procedures, please refer to the terms and conditions in Event website.

Date: 23.10.2015 Venue:Tokyo Metropolitan University (Live Finals) Participation:5-8 applicants chosen in pre-selection process due 21 Sep. 2015 Language: English Registration: Deadline for submission of short video is 11:00 a.m (Japan), 21 September 2015. Please carefully read the steps to submit your application and terms and condition in event webpage. Result of pre-selection process will be annouced at the end of September. More information:

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