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Readers or Writers?

Different groups of users got different rights for the use of the Wiki: You can be part of the wiki community as a READER or a WRITER. Everyone not registered as a writer for the INCO-Wiki has the right to read the Wiki (“passive account)”. For writing or editing articles you have to get an “active account.” Once you have the account you can login with your username and password and start to edit already existing articles or start new pages. Edits you make are recorded under your username. If you want to participate in the INCO-Wiki actively by writing and editing articles please provide your contact details (name, organsiation, address, phone) to the following email address: incontact@dlr.de. You'll receive an email notifying you that you have the right to edit texts („active account)“.

Read our INCO-Wiki manual and visit the Media Wiki Handbook before contributing

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