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This document provides a compilation of frequently asked questions regarding the international cooperation in Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation lasting from 2014-2020. Partners from third countries (neither EU Member States nor Associated countries) have many opportunities to take part in Horizon 2020. The questions and answers address the most important issues with regard to the chances of participation in the different programme areas, the eligibility for funding and additional sources of information. External links and cross-references (in italics) are to ensure additional guidance.

These FAQs are provided by the EU project “Incontact 2020” (www.ncp-incontact.eu)which promotes the international dimension of Horizon 2020 and supports the work of national experts on international cooperation through yearly conferences, awareness and training activities around the world as well as tools for capacity building.

The document takes up issues from different sources, such as the daily work as National Contact Point, answers by the Research Enquiry Service and the European IPR Helpdesk as well as information provided by the EU INCO projects with international partner countries and regions. It will be updated regularly, however, does cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of information. If in doubt, consult the Research Enquiry Service.

Comments on these FAQs, can be directed at incontact@dlr.de

Download the Incontact FAQs on international cooperation in Horizon 2020 (version 6 - 25 January 2016)

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