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The international cooperation in Horizon 2020 is supported by coordination and support actions called for under the 6th Societal Challenge: Europe in a changing world: inclusive, innovative and reflective societies. In FP7, these horizontal international cooperation acitivies used to be funded in the Specific Programme Capacities.


The Topics INT 1 and 2 of the Work programme 2014/2014 will support

  • the general opening by stimulating researchers in the Union's international partners to participate in Horizon 2020
  • the development and implementation of targeted international cooperation activities by contributing to the identification of areas where there is mutual benefit in cooperation and, where appropriate, the pooling of resources and building of critical mass.

In support of both of these aspects, activities will also be developed to identify and eliminate any remaining obstacles to cooperation between the Union and the partner in question. For these two calls, altogether 18,7 million euro are foreseen.

Bilateral cooperation is envisaged with

  • China, Australia, USA, Brazil, South Africa, Ukraine

Biregional cooperation is envisaged with

  • Black Sea, Middle East, Africa, Southern Mediterranean Neighbourhood, Eastern Partnership

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In the WP 2016/17 especially two instruments support international cooperation horizontally.

  • Service Facility in support of the strategic development of international cooperation in research and innovation (Tender): provide services that support the policy development, priority setting, follow-up and implementation of the strategy for international cooperation in research and innovation, such as awareness raising and training activities to enhance international cooperation activities in Horizon 2020, support to National Contact Points and other multipliers, organisation of meetings and events, workshops in support of bilateral, multilateral and bi-regional policy dialogues, brokerage, networking and twinning events, an international cooperation conference and analysis and monitoring activities.
  • Centres/Networks of European research and innovation: To create a network of centres in the world's most dynamic and innovative countries and regions that will connect and support European researchers and entrepreneurs globally, in order to strengthen the position of Europe as a world leader in science, technology and innovation - particular focus on Brazil, China and the USA
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