Several upcoming events in the ALCUE NET project, supporting EU-CELAC cooperation in Horizon 2020 on bioeconomy, ICT, etc., May - October 2015

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ALCUE NET Project: Upcoming events

  • 25-27 may ‘15 Yearly LAC NCP meeting: Capacity Building and International Networking. Bridgetown, Barbados
  • 3-5 June ’15 BIOECONOMY- ALCUE NET Latin America and Caribbean - European Union Matchmaking Event on Bioeconomy b2b 11th International Conference on Renewable Resources and Biorefineries. York. UK
  • 17; 19 & 22 June ‘15- 2nd Virtual conferences on Horizon 2020. Virtual, RED CLARA
  • 21- 23 September ’15 ALCUE NET LAC Biodiversity and Climate Change workshop/CORDEX LAC III workshop. Bogota, Colombia.
  • 7-8 October ‘15 BIOECONOMY LAC 2015: Opportunities for agriculture and agroindustry in a bioeconomy-based sustainable economy b2b CEPAL. Santiago de Chile, Chile
  • 19-22 October ’15 Second joint LATP - ETP collaboration event b2b ICT 2015 Innovate, Connect Transform + Matchmaking Event on ICT. Lisbon, Portugal

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