Strategic Forum for International S&T Cooperation’ (SFIC)

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The Strategic Forum for International Scientific and Technological Cooperation (SFIC) is a dedicated configuration of CREST. Its objective is to facilitate the further development, implementation and monitoring of the international dimension of ERA. In practice, this means sharing information and consultation between the partners (Member States and the Commission) with a view to identifying common priorities which could lead to coordinated or joint initiatives. The group also aims at coordinating activities and positions vis-à-vis third countries and within international fora.

SFIC is composed of high-level represetatives of the Member States and the European Commission. The chair of SFIC is designated from among the representatives of the Member States for a period of two years. Currently Mr. Volker RIEKE, acting director of the Directorate General for European and International Cooperation in Education and Research in the BMBF (Germany) is holding this position.

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